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Should You Move to the Cloud?

Are you still using a manual system that needs an administrator to input your data? Well, doesn’t it take a long time? You can even feel the inefficiency.

A cloud system is a program that bases itself online. While the normal system uses a local computer server inside a building, a cloud system uses the Internet and it can be accessed from anywhere. Here are the reasons why you should switch to a cloud system:

1. Safety

Recent studies show that in 2015, 637 laptops were stolen in US airports. Can you estimate the total of all devices that were stolen in the world per year?

There is a high probability that it will happen to you. So, why don’t you try using the cloud? With a cloud system, you don’t need to worry about your data as you can access it from anywhere.

2. Easy to Use

Using a cloud system is relatively easy. You don’t need to invest on building a large data center and hiring several IT specialists to maintain it. You don’t even need to buy the servers yourself and then figure out how to configure it. Just use a third party cloud service; they will do the investment of the whole server, maintain everything, and solve any problems that occur.

3. Flexibility

With the cloud, your employees can input data from any place with any device. Let’s take an example: a salesperson is going out to meet with a potential customer. Fortunately, the customer agrees to an order and immediately gives it during the meeting. He can input the data to the cloud right after the meeting in any place. In short, a cloud system increases the flexibility of your work. The world is now your “office”. No longer are you bound to the chains of your desk.

4. Productivity

As explained above, with a cloud system you can input the data from any places. There is a shorter delay in the work process thus productivity will be increased.

5. Better Coordination

Data in the cloud systems are shared between everyone in the same division. It avoids miscommunication between members and managers and helps the managers understand the progress of the team.

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