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    better serve your customers

  • Empower your sales team

    Give them a tool that helps them find more customers, increase account revenue, and close deals faster.

    Simplify workforce management

    Know where your field agents are and what they are doing at all times - total control over your mobile workforce.

    Vastly decrease response time

    Respond to every customer from anywhere, allowing your customer service team to focus on what they do best - serving your customers.

  • Our platform consists of 3 solutions:

    SFA Jakarta, Sales Force Automation Jakarta

    Sales Force Automation (SFA)

    Make it easier for sales to take orders

    Let your salespeople take orders from anywhere, anytime, and get them processed in real time. Imagine having access to real-time information of your inventory. Using our SFA system will help your business optimize your sales' performance.


    Example Industry:

    - Distribution (FMCG/Medical/others)

    CRM in Jakarta, CRM in Indonesia

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Organize your business process

    Are you selling a product or services to other businesses? If you are, how many of your prospects are properly utilized? It's difficult to keep track of which prospect and what activities needs to be done to close more deals? CRM helps.


    Example Industry:

    - Banks

    - Agency (digital/property/insurance)

    - Property Developers

    - Company that sells to other companies

    Sales force automation jakarta

    Work Force Automation (WFA)

    Real-time team tracking

    Get information on what your team is doing on the field in real-time. You would also know where their location is to become more accountable to your clients.



    Example Industry:

    - Technicians

    - Governments

    - Insurance

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