• Report Instantly From Anywhere Using WFA

    Are you a plumber, electrician, or a company that provides human service to customer?

  • Why do you need WFA?

    Your customer deserves the best. Give a better service experience to your customers.

    Work Force Automation

    If you are a company with technicians or employees on the field, you can create work order from your mobile device and get your client to sign it immediately.

    Track, Track, Track

    Through WFA, you'll be able to:

    • Track the location of your work-force team (GPS tracking)
    • Track the location of the work order that was done
    • Track the location of your customer
    • Track the performance of your sales team
    • Get signature of the client from mobile device


    • Overview

      Here are 6 things you must remember

      Mobile First

      Got an Android? Download our app. No? Our platform is still usable on any device.

      Work Management

      Perform your work & report from anywhere with ease

      Work Call

      Create a work call plan to service your customer

      Offline Mode

      Our WFA can still be used in locations with bad signal


      Connect to our bluetooth mobile printer to print receipt

      Measure Performance

      Measure their performance - revenue, meets, and more

    • Case Study at a Glance

      Learn the problem we've helped solved

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      Toshiba Indonesia


      Toshiba Indonesia sells consumer electronic goods from AC to TVs to refrigerators. Not only do they sell these goods; but they also make sure that their customers enjoy strong customer service supprot.



      They would send their technicians daily to the customers to perform different jobs to fix different things. The difficulty is to manage these workforce since they would need to go at least 2-3 times before the problems were fixed.



      Through using Sales1, they are able to:

      • Create work order and get customer confirmation on the go.
      • Connect to ERP & inventory system to check on spare-part availability. This reduces the number of times they need to go go back to office to check on SP availability.
      • Get customer confirmation through signature.
      • Track location of work force.

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