• Sales Force Automation

    Create orders, get confirmation, & accept payments from anywhere

  • SFA Key Features

    Sales Force Automation will be helpful for organizations with sales teams who go direct to consumers to take orders. Doing it manually has been proven to create high margin of error as well as increase costs. Find out how we can help your organization.

    Sales Call (Plan)

    • Create or assign sales visit plan to your team
    • Create orders when visiting an assigned /unplanned visit
    • View live inventory of products and pricing.
    • Get approval from managers
    • Integrate to ERP to process sales order

    Product & Discounts

    • Import your product, inventory, and pricing into Sales1
    • Integrate to WMS or other platform for a seamless experience
    • Enable your sales team to give discounts direct to consumer


    • Track the location of your sales people automatically
    • Geo-tag the location of your customers
    • Track the KPI and performance of your team seamlessly


    • Export different data points for further analysis
    • Analyze performance of your organization through our analytic platform
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    Take Orders

    Visit customers & take orders - along with the full information of your customers

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    Real-time location tracking for your mobile workforce.

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    Call Plan

    Create sales call plan, or assign to your team

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    Products & Inventory

    View, in real time, your organization's product and inventory availability

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    View and process order from anywhere with photo & digital signature confirmation

  • Sales1 SFA in a Snapshot

    We've helped a lot of large and small enterprise to create orders simply through their phone device


    Daily GMV transaction processed inside Sales1


    Daily transactions being done and processed

    >10.000 SKUs

    We've stored thousands of SKUs as well as connect to ERP for inventory purposes

    4G / 3G / 2G / No G

    No signal? No worries. Our platform is usable even without data connection


    Monthly tracking points being done in our platform

    10 -> 1000

    From 10-1000 users, we know how to scale

  • beli crm di indonesia

    Simple, Yet Robust.

    Sales1 was created to make complicated situations easy.