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  • What is Sales1CRM?

    Sales1CRM is a platform, made in Indonesia, that helps your company automate the way your sales team operates. It was built with a unique view of business processes from a third-world country's POV. This has allowed us to become a practical solution for many industries globally.


    Our entity's name is PT. Kreasi Sejahtera Teknologi, part of Sejahtera Group.


    What is CRM?

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management system. Here are several problems you may be experiencing and how a CRM system can help your company:

    1. No centralized database:
      • Wasted time looking up information from too many databases with incomplete information.

      • Lost information from continually changing representatives.

      • Sales process updates occurring without knowledge of results.

      • Solution: all of your data is inserted into our Sales1 platform.

    2. Difficult to measure business metrics:
      • Inability to quickly visualize my business Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

      • Difficulty getting whole view of the business from marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction point.

      • Solution: use Sales1 analytics to measure your team's performance.

    3. Low productivity:
      • Difficulty in knowing where each prospect’s progress lies.

      • Inaccurate sales opportunity forecasts and inability to identify bottlenecks

      • Solution: using Sales1, you can keep track all of your prospects with ease and assign tasks to your team member to follow-up.

    4. Missed / Inaccurate information:
      • Frustrated customer for sales not knowing proper information.

      • Wasted time finding past commitments with customers and prospects.

      • Lost revenue from dissatisfied customers.

      • Solution: collaborate together using data compiled inside the Sales1 platform.


    Are there any other solutions?

    Yes. As mentioned before, Sales1CRM is a platform filled with 3 different systems: Sales Force Automation (SFA), Work Force Automation (WFA), and CRM.


    • SFA is best suited for companies in the distribution industry. It will help you to assign tasks and projects to your sales, and let your sales people take orders in real-time.
    • WFA is best suited for companies with technicians / people who go into the field and generate reports. You'll be able to track their whereabouts as well as let your team members submit reports remotely.
    • CRM is best suited for companies who sell to other companies (B2B model). If you're a company who sells to other companies and have a business process, you'll more than likely need a CRM System.

    Is it difficult to use?

    It is very easy to use. Implentation can take as little as one day. Let us show you and give you a demo so you can see it for yourself.


    Is this for large or small companies?

    Both large and small companies can take advantage of our system. You'll benefit from being able to properly keep track of what your teams status and gain valuable insights to your business process that can help you build the right strategy.


    Let us tell you how. Schedule an appointment today.


    How much does it cost?

    Not much at all. We want you to improve your sales and increase your bottom line, not break your finances. Our basic package starts at just $20 USD per user per month. You'll get:

    • Web application
    • Mobile application
    • Support
    • Cloud server (you don't need to invest in your own servers!)

    Contact us now for your personalized quote. Price may vary on total number of users.

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