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    Build relationships with people who matters most for you: hospital, doctors, and patients

  • Why do you need CRM?

    Any principal or distributor in the healthcare space needs CRM

    Long Term Relationship

    In the medical field, having a long term relationship with an institution such as hospitals, and individuals such as doctors, are vitals. Without them, they might not understand that there is a better product/medicine out there as an alternative. That is why it's vital for a medical representative to be constantly be in touch with their customer and understand the problems they are facing. With the help of Sales1, our system will make it easier for you to plan your visits, and to keep track of your visit records for future evaluations.

    Measuring Activities

    As a medical representative, your activities are not limited to just visiting clients. You also have the responsibility to spread the "gospel" of your company and product. With Sales1, you'll be able to:


    - Create activity plan (ex. visit a client, attend a seminar, host a workshop, etc)

    - Put value on each activity

    - Take picture and get confirmation for every visit


      Sales1 helps by:

      • Improving your teams’ productivity 
      • Build quality relationships with your clients by organizing and managing all client information
      • Get confirmation on any of medical reps' activities (though signature and GPS tracking)
      • Geo-tracking & geo-fencing capabilities
      • Reports & analytics
      • A lot more.
    • Overview

      Here are 6 things you must remember

      Mobile First

      Got an Android? Download our app. No? Our platform is still usable on any device.

      Lead Management

      Manage your leads (prospects) and get reminded daily who to follow up

      Visit Appointment

      Create a visit plan to visit doctors/hospital and get approvals

      Manage Activities

      Manage different activities and give them "points" to measure performance


      Track the location of your agents / teams to ensure productivity

      Measure Performance

      Measure their performance - revenue, meets, and more

    • Case Study at a Glance

      Learn the problem we've helped solved

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      Ordesa/ Indordesa


      Laboratorios Ordesa has been working for over 70 years to offer the best nutritional products for children and adults, with solutions for every need. They work to research formulas that are close to breast milk, children and adult health supplements and nutritional formulas to improve people's quality of life.



      As a new operations in Indonesia (with HQ in Spain), management needed to keep track of the medical representative's activities and measure their performance with precision. They do not have any system to do this.



      Through using Sales1, they are able to:

      • Plan and execute visit plans
      • Create report of visit results as well as any response from their client
      • Measure different activities and give them points (ex. attend seminar, go to meetings, etc).
      • Automatically generate reports and analytics

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