• Work Force Automation

    Report and work from anywhere

  • WFA Key Features

    Work Force Automation will be helpful for organizations with teams on the field who are always on the move. Enable them to report from anywhere, work from anywhere, yet still keeping track of their activities

    Work Call (Plan)

    • Create or assign team to perform job to customer
    • Create an unassigned /unplanned visit
    • Create notes about the result of your visit.


    • Track the location of your teams automatically
    • Geo-tag the location of your customers
    • Track the KPI and performance of your team seamlessly


    • Export different data points for further analysis
    • Analyze performance of your organization through our analytic platform
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    Visit & Work

    Choose which customer to visit and perform tasks to (ex. deliver products, maintain equipment, survey).

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    Use different ways to authenticate your team's visit to your customer

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    Real-time location tracking for your mobile workforce.

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    Call Plan

    Create work call plan, or assign to your team

  • Sales1 WFA in a Snapshot

    We've helped a lot of large and small enterprise to create orders simply through their phone device

    Different Applications

    WFA can be used in different industries such as pharma, services, and surveyors


    Data center with ISO certifications

    (ISO 9001, 27001,27017)

    4G / 3G / 2G / No G

    No signal? No worries. Our platform is usable even without data connection

    10 -> 1000

    From 10-1000 users, we know how to scale

  • beli crm di indonesia

    Simple, Yet Robust.

    Sales1 was created to make complicated situations easy.