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    Sell better and easier by using Sales1, a CRM platform that just works

  • Why do you need Real Estate based CRM?

    And a CRM that understands the real estate industry in and out

    Building Relationship

    As a real estate developer, broker, or agent, the only way for you to close deals is by building relationships with your customers. And to be on top of your business, you need to understand each client’s unique requirements, follow-up with them from time-to-time, acquire new customers, and more. The more personalized the conversation, the more you gain loyalty, the better brand credibility you build, and get new businesses and customer referrals.

    Low -> High Tech

    You might be doing this already through

    • Excel spreadsheet
    • Pen-and-paper
    • Google Docs / Sheets
    But you're missing out on so much without the use of a proper CRM. And not just any CRM provider. You need someone like Sales1 who understands the ins-and-outs of your real estate business to be able to consult you properly.


      Sales1 helps by:

      • Improving your teams’ productivity 
      • Build quality relationships with your clients by organizing and managing all client information
      • Securing new leads 
      • Analyzing sales trends
      • Tracking communications and transactions
      • A lot more.
    • Overview

      Here are 6 things you must remember

      Lead Management

      Manage your leads (prospects) and get reminded daily who to follow up

      Automatic Capture

      Using a website / social media? Use our form generator tool to capture leads.

      Manage Deals

      Manage deals visually through our nestable viewing platform


      Track the location of your agents / teams to ensure productivity

      Measure Performance

      Measure their performance - revenue, meets, and more

      Mobile First

      Got an Android? Download our app. No? Our platform is still usable on any device.

    • Case Study at a Glance

      Learn the problem we've helped solved

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      Agung Podomoro Land


      Agung Podomoro Land is one of Indonesia's premier real estate developer in the country and is known as a pioneer of the super block development. Best known with their quality landmark project such as Kuningan City, Senayan City, Central Park, and others.



      With projects outside of the area of their HQ (ie. Jakarta), they had difficulties in maintaining sales progress in other cities. Sales report weren't being done on time, targets weren't being met; yet, everyone seems to be busy.



      They implemented Sales1 for their sales team. We helped them by:

      • Giving a dashboard for management to view progress
      • Mobile app for sales teams to input data from anywhere - even without data connection
      • Track location of travelling sales team as they had to travel between two main cities constantly
      • Automatically generate reports and analytics

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