• Chat & Ticketing System

    Use multichannel chat platform & create ticket to support your customers

  • Chat Key Features

    Are you communicating with your customers from various platform? Why not manage them from one streamlined platform? Here's what you can do.

    Streamline Communication

    • Integrate all your channels of communication under one dashboard
    • Whatsapp integration
    • Facebook Messenger integration
    • Line platform integration
    • Telegram integration
    • Twitter DM integration

    Ticketing System

    • Create a ticket to escalate the situation with your customers
    • Assign tickets to someone else
    • Create ticket easily from using email address

    KPI Tracking

    • Create and set KPI to each of your users
    • Get personalized notification and reminder based on your performance 


    • Create and manage users
    • Create unlimited * hierarchy within the CRM no matter what your organization structure looks like
    • Track the location of your users 
    • Allow teams to check-in and report from anywhere


    • Get data analytics and dashboard to analyze the performance of your organization
    • Top-down and Bottom-up view
    • Customized enabled reports
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    Download Case Study

    Find out how we have helped our customer improve efficiency and help them close more deals faster

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    Mobile App

    Manage your customers on the go - anywhere, anytime

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    Get an update quickly and easily of your customers from a single page

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    Deal Flow

    Manage your deal flow easily using our Nestable view to see deals based on stages

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    Get approvals and signature on the go. Stop wasting time, start selling more.

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    Manage your daily / weekly / monthly activities. Integrate with Outlook/Google Calendar.

  • Sales1 CRM in a Snapshot

    Did you know that 65% of sales people achieve their sales quota when using a mobile-based CRM?

    35% Increase

    On average, our customers have experienced a 35% increase in profit


    Monthly visitors to the website


    Data center with ISO certifications

    (ISO 9001, 27001,27017)

    4G / 3G / 2G / No G

    No signal? No worries. Our platform is usable even without data connection


    Daily gross merchandise value being transacted inside our CRM

    10 -> 1000

    From 10-1000 users, we know how to scale

  • beli crm di indonesia

    Simple, Yet Robust.

    Streamline your communication using Sales1CHAT now!


    Sales1 in industries around the world

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    Banks and Finance industries can utilize our CRM & WFA. CRM can be used by salespeople; WFA can be used by surveyors who are on the field to submit reports.

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    Companies that are in distribution will be able to use our SFA solution. We've served FMCG companies, pharmaceutical companies, and more.

    CRM di indonesia



    CRM can benefit both property developers and real estate agents. Equip your agents to keep tabs on all prospects and update them anywhere, anytime, with ease.

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    For Drivers

    Logistical and Supply Chain companies can use our WFA to equip their drivers with GPS tracking. Let customers sign from a mobile device to confirm that they have received the goods.

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    Companies with technicians who go to the field (ex. ISP/service centers/contractors) can utilize our WFA. Allow your team to report from anywhere with an accurate information.

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    Smart Government

    Implementing our WFA is part of a smart city solution. Equip our system for public servants so they can quickly report on anything at hand.

    CRM di jakarta


    Any B2B Businesses

    Are you selling to another company? Then more than likely you are going to need a CRM for your sales team. Properly keep track of which prospect to push in order to close the deal.

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    Principal Pharmaceutical

    Our WFA can be used for pharmaceutical companies who are principals (not distributors). Equip your medical staff with our system when meeting doctors.

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