• Chat & Ticketing System

    Use multichannel chat platform & create ticket to support your customers

  • Chat Key Features

    Are you communicating with your customers from various platform? Why not manage them from one streamlined platform? Here's what you can do.

    Streamline Communication

    • Integrate all your channels of communication under one dashboard
    • Whatsapp integration
    • Facebook Messenger integration
    • Line platform integration
    • Telegram integration
    • Twitter DM integration

    Ticketing System

    • Create a ticket to escalate the situation with your customers
    • Assign tickets to someone else
    • Create ticket easily from using email address

    KPI Tracking

    • Create and set KPI to each of your users
    • Get personalized notification and reminder based on your performance 


    • Create and manage users
    • Create unlimited * hierarchy within the CRM no matter what your organization structure looks like
    • Track the location of your users 
    • Allow teams to check-in and report from anywhere


    • Get data analytics and dashboard to analyze the performance of your organization
    • Top-down and Bottom-up view
    • Customized enabled reports
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    Download Case Study

    Find out how we have helped our customer improve efficiency and help them close more deals faster

  • Sales1 CRM in a Snapshot

    Did you know that 65% of sales people achieve their sales quota when using a mobile-based CRM?

    35% Increase

    On average, our customers have experienced a 35% increase in profit


    Monthly visitors to the website


    Data center with ISO certifications

    (ISO 9001, 27001,27017)

    4G / 3G / 2G / No G

    No signal? No worries. Our platform is usable even without data connection


    Daily gross merchandise value being transacted inside our CRM

    10 -> 1000

    From 10-1000 users, we know how to scale

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    Simple, Yet Robust.

    Streamline your communication using Sales1CHAT now!