• Manage Sales & Other

    Activities for the New Normal

    Streamline your sales, marketing, and customer service team

    under one integrated platform

  • So, what brings you here today?

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    Customer Relationship Management

    I manually manage my sales team​ & lose out on deals

    and I can't control it

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    Chat & Ticketing System


    I use a lot of platform to chat & connect with my customers

    Difficult managing lots of platforms

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    Sales Force Automation


    I take customer orders manually​ & it's too slow

    plus I need to track my sales

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    Work Force Automation


    I use Whatsapp/normal chat to report activities

    I don't know if the reports are true

  • With Sales1, you can...


    all communications between clients and teams from one platform


    results of different activities & KPIs, making easier to create reports


    your business through automation to build meaningful relationships


    with your customers from various platforms under one roof


    your sales people's activities and measure their productivity


    from anywhere to close more deals to adjust to living the new normal

  • Why Sales1?

    What makes us different than other CRM provider?



    CRM has a bad reputation for being complicated. That's why we take out the unnecessarily difficult parts, and just put in the useful features.



    We want to make this whole journey personalized to you. Personalized domain. Co-Branding. Customization. Let's get personal.



    With our open API, Sales1 can integrate to any system - ERP, accounting, HRIS, WMI, and others!



    Our tech support is committed to making sure that your business thrive and grow. We even provide online & in-person training

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    Download Case Study

    Find out how we have helped our customer improve efficiency and help them close more deals faster

  • Sales1 has helped us in reducing time

    spent on producing report, and more time

    on getting deals from clients.

    Glenn Timothy, Head of Operations, Kadence International

    With the 3 years we've been with Sales1,

    they have helped my sales team in their

    activities on the field. They're able to close

    deals 30% faster than before!

    Kharisma Hamzah, COO, Abadinusa Usahasemesta

    It's painful, but we forget how important basic admin stuff is.

    This is where Sales1 came to help - it makes the important

    things less painful for us

    Boyd A., VP of IT, K Consulting

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